This is a true and Successful Love story of Rahul and Kareena. When I was in 11th class, I used to go ACE institute for maths, Physics and Chemistry coaching. In our institute there were many batches named b1, b2 and b3 timings were 2:00pm to 5:00pm. One day one of my friend named Sameer gone to meet his girlfriend and I also went along with him because his girl friend was also coming with her friends. That day I saw a girl (one of her friend). She is very beautiful.

Sameer: “aur bata koi pasand aayi”

Rahul: ”yaar wo purple top wali ka kya naam hai”

Sameer: ”kyu kya hua”

Rahul: ”bata na yaar, tang na kar”

Sameer: “Kareena”

Rahul: “jitna sundar naam utni sundar hai. Plz yaar baat kara de apni girl friend ko keh k”.

Sameer: “chal thik hai mein baat karu ga us say”

Many days passed, every day I used to tell my friend “plz yaar milwaday yaar”. But he said wait for some time.

Every day there is a break of 15 minutes between two lectures in coaching. And Kareena used to go to canteen (near our institute). I usually stand on the stairs with my friend just to see smile on her face. But she never even looked at me.

One day after the class when I was going to home. I was in the parking. And I was on activa which is behind the bus. When I start it and accelerate suddenly Kareena came in front of my activa. I press breaks.

Kareena: “maaro gai kya”

Rahul:”aap ko maar kar khud thodi na marna hai”

I think she know what I mean by saying this.

From next day onwards she used to see me sometimes. After one month I thought to propose her and one day she went to canteen and I was on stairs when she came, I said excuse me Kareena.

Kareena: ”yes kahiye”

Rahul: “mein aap se kuch kehna chahta hu”

Kareena: “yes”

“then kuch dair tak toh mein Kareena ko dekhta hi raha”

Kareena: “what (kya dekh rahay ho)”


Rahul: “kuch nahi, I love you Kareena”

Kareena: “what?????????”

Rahul: “mujhe galat sense mein mat lo, I really love you”.

“Kareena bina kuch kahay janay lagi”

Rahul: “kya nahi hai mujhme. I am an extra ordinary person, I can dance, cook, even go to national in Volleyball, I am topper in my class. Mere mein panch(5)logo ki qualities hai what you want”.

Kareena: “Bahut garoor hai na aap ko apne par. I don’t like you, I hate you….. I hate you…….”

“And by saying this she left”

Then around 2 to 3 months I used to stand on the stairs but she never looked at me even a single time. But the 5 months gone I think she realize that how much I love her. She looked at me after 5 months.

Then again I stop her after the class when she was leaving for home.

Rahul: “Kareena rukko plz mujhse baat karo”

Kareena: “I don’t want to talk to you”

Rahul: “I apologize jo meine aap se last time jo kaha I m sorry for that. I really love you”. “agar yes hai toh kal jab aap fir se canteen jao gaye toh meri taraf dekh kar smile kar dena.”

Kareena: “I will never do, I don’t even going to look at you”

Then by saying this we both left.

And I stand on the stairs in the break but she never looked at me. Days gone, but on the 18th day she looked at me and smiled by God I can’t tell you how much happy I was. Then after the Class I saw she was waiting for me in the parking.

Kareena: “hye”

Rahul : “hye”

Kareena: “meine aap ko bahut wait karaya Sorry for that”

Rahul: “Plz don’t say sorry mein esi k like tha”

Kareena: “yes”

Rahul: “kya matlab??”

Kareena: “aap k I love You ka answer (jawab)”

On that day we went for coffee. I can’t tell you about my happiness. And tab se aaj tak hum sath sath hai.

I hope that you like my successful love story. I am sorry if there is any mistake while writing my love story.


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