friends fighting, kills friendship

As it is with any types of relationships, friendship needs a lot of work from all parties involved. Yes, there will be fights, a little jealousy now and then and even some exchange of hurtful words in every friendship. There are times when you don’t honestly know what happened between the two of you that has brought about a change in your communication with your friend and sometimes you are just annoyed enough to do somethings just to get back at them. No matter what, your friends are important to you and here is a list of things that can kill a friendship, that you should look out for:


  1. Expectations – What is it about human relationships and expectations? Yes, when you have a friend, you will expect them to have your back; basic expectations such as these are what makes a relationship endearing. However, sometimes we tend to over expect things from our friends that is unfair and even hypocritical at times. Remember that your friends are humans too and that they will make mistakes and do things that will annoy you, the important point is that you love them.
  2. Jealousy – If this is left unchecked, it can cause you and your friend to fall out. A little and playful jealousy is healthy in any friendships however it is when we keep ourselves in front of the overall good of everyone that we tend to take this emotion on a whole new level that will eventually break the relationship. When in this situation, make sure to focus on the positive side of your friend’s success rather than you and you will find that this will not be a problem at all.
  3. Judgment – The main reason you are friends with someone is because you can be yourself with them and this means that they do not judge you. You can share with them your darkest and deepest secrets and you share with them your happiness and your sadness. Therefore, it is important to remember that judgment is going to kill your friendship no matter what because this is going to bring about the feeling of being better than your friend.
  4. Lack of Communication – For any relationship to work, communication is the single most important thing to do in order that there is understanding with everyone involved. There might come a time when your friend might say or do something that is hurtful to you or you might do something and hurt them because of jealousy or judgment, not talking to your friend about it is going to affect the relationship more than telling them something that they do not want to hear.
  5. Selfishness– There is no room for selfishness in friendship – when your friend is in trouble, you will forget the different things that you have to get done that day and you will run and help them. Therefore, you cannot expect your friend to only be the one to listen to your sob stories or come to your rescue; everyone has to contribute. In the same way that you depend on your friend, they will expect and need the same things from you as well.

Maintaining a healthy and good friendship takes a lot of work and the understanding and respect between the people involved. There is no friendship that just happen without anyone doing something about keeping it healthy and strong. Be honest, truthful and above all, willing to work on the relationship.


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