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how to talk to and get to know your crush?

how to talk to your crush

Hi friends!!!

Today we gonna talk about how to talk to and get to know your crush?

I mean this is kind of high school oriented, in that kind of age range. I think it works for all ages. I have three tips for talking to your crush.

  1. Determine their status  like check their Facebook page and see if there even a chance of you. I mean having a chance to be with them. Because if there is like in relationship with blah blah or in relationship which is like biggest mystery of all. Just be friends until that changes so, if you want to keep trying to that status changes then, YA. But determine who they are and its open relationship. See if there is a chance of breaking up or don’t be the reason of their break up because then you are horrible and no one will like you.
  2. Start the conversation with guy/ girl. Just start talking to him/her. You can’t just confess your love to the guy/ girl if you don’t even know him/her. Be together you can start let’s say that you are in BIO class together and you can start by saying “Hi can you may be help me for homework or any question, how to write it down” and whatever may be.  Just start a whole wide Like can you help me what was the question? What you gonna do for science project or like what about this lab, did you find it hard like what you get from it. Just start a casual conversation that you gonna have in everyday life. Be social, be conversational, and just start talking.
  3. Get to know better outside the school, lets say you have mutual friends and you want to be like do you like group invite kind of things? Say like I really wanna see this movie anybody else want to? That also start the whole ya wanna see that , I heard that the movie was really good or like ya really I m fond of the movie directed by —–. Don’t make it like date just make it casual hanging out with friends.

    Or let’s say birthday party or something like if you know that he/she gonna be there, just say OH YA! I am gonna be there like too. Just mention that you will also be there.

    And ya if you guys exchange numbers, then you can talk all time and really get to know each other. That can lead to a possible date in the future because that happened too with me and my boyfriend. We met each other at Movie Theater coincidentally, I knew him from last two and half years because we were in the same school but I left that school. Then we ran into each other. Even we didn’t talk before. We were like in the mutual group kind of things. But then we ran each other and then we get connected and exchange numbers and we talk for around 3 to 4 weeks and he actually ask me for out. And then we were on the movie date. Such an easy date, so that’s how I am in relationship.
    so I hope this helped you.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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