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Is It Worth Having An Extra-Marital Affair?

Wedlock is something which makes a couple a feel that it is something that’ll be for a lifetime, a life with someone who’s loyal and honest, to be that someone special at its good and bad times. But this wedding becomes boredom and love shoot out somewhere else. As suddenly the person enters into his selfish happiness that is called an extra-marital affair along with his married life.

This brings short term happiness to one’s life as the partner enters into a relationship where he assumes that he would be able to manage both the relationships in a fair manner it actually does not happen. An extra-marital affair brings a strong connect with pleasure, concern, and understanding that seem to be absent from marriage. The person feels that having someone new in life has made his life perfect but what goes down the lane is hidden in the future story.

This affair constitutes of basic three elements: secretive relationship, emotional connection towards each other and sexual satisfaction. It’s all because of our imagination that leads to the creation of an extra-marital affair, not the person. An erotic feeling of a kiss can well be felt in the actual lovemaking not in just imagining to give a kiss to your partner.

It’s not always a sexual attraction at first but a certain kind of pull towards someone, instantaneously a craving and connect is felt that a person in some or the other way gets indulged in it. Sexual emotions can make the person reach to the point where could not have imagined in the beginning as it is the strongest human emotions. Life suddenly seems monotonous as the person is not able to handle both relationships and feel himself be in a mess.

This usually happens when the married person starts comparing their spouses to the other person and gets deceived by their thoughts. Relationship of any form has problems, getting involved in another relationship is not the solution but to solve those problems together can find a better way out about the things. Some sort of disinterest or keeping unresolved matters in relationship drives a thought of someone else in life.

The major fact of the extra-marital affair is that it keeps on bringing guilt and a sense of betrayal towards his partner.There are some mild benefits that can put the person in jeopardy as he cannot stay as a long term relationship. This might not give the person an internal peace when he knows it’s a scandalous affair and the society also believes it to be unethical in the core passage of ‘happily ever after.

Marriage is a long journey to be spent with someone so it required that they should communicate about how this life is to be spent till the old age. They both need to identify the things and the issues which are required to be reconciled and to be looked after so that such a situation does not arise.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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