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Signs the Guy You’re Seeing Is Husband Material

Girls do commit a mistake while choosing their life partner. It is very important to analyze the person well before thinking to spend the rest of your life. It’s an important decision as the person is at times himself responsible for making his life a disaster or a life which is full of happiness. A lot of women fail in keeping their relationship just because initially they do not think about the real facts but just consider the appearance or sexual prowess and not the character, which is pretty stupid to choose someone.

But if a girl is really practical she would look for different attributes which her men should have and he could live up to her expectations also. She should be able to cope up with him keeping in mind his strengths and weaknesses. She should accept him for who he is for her and do not expect a change in him because that change will come for just a short period of time and he would again come back to who actually he is until his self-motivation would not push him to change. Time is one factor which should be given to know the person his attitude towards you, his approach towards different things, his habits, tastes, and preferences.

Sometimes you just have to rely on your insight while choosing your better half as it is a matter of heart and with this also we require someone to guide us to lead a right track in life. It is a pretty scary decision as will both be able to take the responsibility of each other or not. As what makes a boy be perfect boyfriend is far apart from being a perfect husband.

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So when you consider someone as your life partner so various things should be kept in mind to make your life better. The various areas he really needs to qualify are: he listens to you and pay heed to each and word discussed; he should be there through thick and thin; he should be kind, generous, hardworking, supportive towards your goals in life, reliable, caring, patient, loyal, honest, gives respect to you; he should be financially secured and ready to take responsibilities; he should share his future plans with you; he should know to balance his work and social life, he should be comfortable with your family and has common interestshe should be emotionally available; he makes an effort to be with you and loves you for who you are; he makes you laugh, cuddles you and is good in bed and makes you comfortable; and all together with this he should be able to make your life better just by being a part of it.

It is really important to know that to what extent he can go violent at worst circumstances and he should not be jealousand should always trust you. These important signs should not be overlooked while considering someone as he is marriage material or not. It tends to happen that love makes the person blind and we fail to notice that the partner will help to bring to a better life or not.

The actual problem arises when you often expects a lot of certain qualities which we actually want, ignoring all the other qualities one already has. The common thread between the two breaks where the difference arises from need and wants in a relationship. So it’s really required to know the person well and decide what situations can he manage with you and both can be comfortable spending lives so then only decide to put up life together.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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