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The Perfect Proposal: How to Propose your Girlfriend?

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To find that one person, you feel bonded to and incomplete without-“Your Soul mate” is a hard job. But, when you have finally found out that other half of yours, the next job that can drive a stake into anyone’s sanity is to propose that person!

Men are the ones supposed to propose, while women go misty eyed. So, attention gentlemen!! Before you go down on one knee with those holy words of Love know if it’s going to be a yes. Obviously, an immediate yes shouldn’t be expected but be certain that it’s a surprise to your girlfriend, and you wouldn’t be the one surprised by her response.

A perfect proposal is every girl’s dream. The ordinary scenario of just going down on one knee isn’t favorable. Though, it is a must for those final words. The proposal day is meant to be the most exciting and memorable days of our lives. So, can those forge ideas actually make your day special? Naah!!In Audrey Barnes’ words, “the best way is when you propose in your own special way.”Exactly!! You know the love of your life more than anyone else does. Propose all by yourself, just the way both of you like it.

Another word of caution, don’t copy celebrity tips on how to propose your girlfriend. It is probable that the ideas are lame and you’ll be considered a big guy with loads of money. Unless you plan to make a better version of some celebrity’s proposal idea, avoid using it.

We are all individuals with different preferences. For you know your girl better than any manual does, plan something unique and special keeping her in mind. The best way to propose is always understand what your partner really loves.

Here some Romantic proposal ideas and tips:

1. Private V/s Public:

It is never good to get your Girlfriend feeling squirmy and sweaty in the middle of your proposal.

If she is a private person, then plan up a day which both of you can spend by yourselves, and make sure it’s just the both of you when you propose marriage.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend is one who loves attention and the glam of celebrations, plan an event that would end with a karaoke club or one where you’d have all your friends around to shore you up and shower love and blessings.

2. Plan for the whole day:

The day of proposal is the most awaited one by a girl in her life. So, men you are supposed to make her feel special and care for the whole day! Plan activities for the whole day.

3. The champagne ring:

An elaborate candle light dinner in a quiet romantic ambience for 2 is a perfect classy plan. Candles are quintessential elements of a romantic evening. Present the ring in the bottom of the flute of champagne or ribbon it to the stem.

Once, a friend of mine camouflaged the ring inside her girlfriend’s dessert which she ended up gulping. Don’t camouflage the ring and shock your partner, you’re supposed to entice her to wonder what it is!

4. Puppy love:

If your girlfriend is a dog lover, you can buy a cute puppy for her and tie the ring in his collar which she ends up discovering while cuddling the “awww-soo cute” puppy! 😛

5. Surfaholic Proposal:

If your girlfriend is tech savvy surfaholic, make for her a personal web-page. After surfing a few websites with her, open the link to the personal website and then follow the process of going down on one knee.

6. Treasure Hunt Game:

For an adventurous girlfriend, it is best to prepare a treasure hunt game where the clues will lead her to your proposal, at a very romantic place like rooftop, beach or your favorite restaurant.

7. Ask for out

You might just take her out for a night of dancing and later surprise her by asking for the mic from dj and proposing to her.

8. Picnic/Vacations:

You can take her for a picnic in a park or plan for a vacation where amidst all the fun you both are having; you put forth the life changing question. You can take her on an island-date too.

9. Recreating moments:

You can recreate moments that are very important and special for both you like your first date!

10. Special Day:

You can propose to her on a day significant to both of you like her birthday, not a world-wide propose or Valentine’s Day, because that seems corny.

12. Private yacht:

You can take her for a party on a yacht, just the two of you! In the middle of the river or sea, propose her romantically.

13. Hot Air Balloon:

As Farhan did to Vidya in Shaadi ke side-effects!

You can take your girlfriend into the clouds in a hot air balloon and in that flirtatious ambience, propose her. Trust me! She would literally be on cloud Nine.

Just remember to be yourself, follow your heart and hers. As hard as your heart may pound and your throat may go dry when the clock inches closer to that special moment, everything is worth as this is what you wanted to do and it’s one of the most special days of your life!

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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