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10 Things a man wants in a woman


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If you are single and want to make a man fall in love with you. Then you must know what do man want in woman. You must know the feelings of man to make him fall in love with you. So today we will tell you 10 things that man really want from women.

1. Woman’s own life:

Man don’t like emotionally dependent woman. If you are having your own friend circle and can hangout by yourself. Then you are going right and can achieve your target.

2. first move: 

Does man first ask to woman or lady ? Most of the man like those woman who do not approach first. Man always want to decide how he will approach to woman. So be a woman and let him. But now in some case man want women to approach him or give some sign so that man can come and approach her.

. Love’s in the air: 

Does your heart beats for him? When you heard his voice does it makes your eyes to have a look at him? Mostly we all experience these things for our lover. Most of the women feel secured and comfort when he is around you. This is the starting point of your relationship.

4. Show that you care:

If your relationship is new do the small things for him that shows that you cares. In my opinion second name of care is love.

5. Don’t be Sexual but be little flirty:

If your relationship is new mostly men don’t like to be sexual but like to be flirty some times.

6. Wait to go for sex: 

Don’t try to jump into bed to go for sex on your first date. Sex can ruin your relationship straight away otherwise your relationship may get success. Both of you must have something in common other than sex. So don’t try to be over smart while dealing.

7. No nonsense :

Men always prefer women to whom he can respect. So always behave well with him. And you must care that you don’t date a guy who is watching other girls, women or married women or abusing them.

8. Be with him: 

Always support him and be with him. Always try to feel him good in front of his friends and don’t laugh at him. Make him realize that he is the best for you.

9. Lay off:

Mostly men don’t like if you are calling, texting or mailing many times a day. No doubt that man like this but only in a limit not always. You must wait for the man to text you. So wait and watch the environment and let the things go as it go.

10. Good attracts good:

You are scored for your behavior. You thinking and how you behave or we can say your manners described that what you actually are? Always ensure that you have a value to him.

we hope that you like our article on 10 Things a man wants in a woman. If you have any other point then please share with us.


A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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