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20 Best Funny sayings About Life

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Check out best 20 funny sayings about life. I am pretty much sure that you gonna like and laugh when you read these Funny sayings and relates with your life, just by remembering some awesome moments of your life.

“When you say “Don’t look” everyone look, but if you say “Look” no one looks!”

“Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world
there’s an idiot pulling a door that says “PUSH”.”

“Sometimes my neighbors love my music so much that they invite the police to listen”

“No matter how old you are, you will always run for the swing in the park.”

“If a bra is called an ‘over the shoulder bolder holder’,
then what would you call men underwear? Under the butt nut hut?”

“When I die I want my tombstone to have free Wi-Fi,
so people visit more often.”

“Thank you God, people can’t hear what I think.”

“The happiest moment in a woman’s life is spotting another woman who is fatter than she is.”

“Intelligence is like underwear. It’s important that you have it but there’s no need to show it off”

“You never realize what you have till it’s gone. Toilet paper is a good example!”

“For all the girls that say ….. All guys are the same …… Who told you to try them ALL.”

“I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.”

“Happiness is …. Going totally mental after the last exam.”

“Better days are coming. They are called: Saturday and Sunday.”

“Those who like me, raise your hand,
those who don’t, raise your standards.”

“Don’t trust people who change their feelings with time,
trust people whose feelings remain the same when your times changes.”

“If you are stressed, you get pimples,
if you cry, you get wrinkles,
so just smile and get dimples.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge me. After all, you only see what I choose to show you.”

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way.
So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.”

“Liking your own status is like high fiving yourself in public.”

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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