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Heart touching Love Thoughts

love thoughts, thoughts on love

Here are 30 best Heart touching thoughts on love for you. You can use these thoughts  as a message or for a facebook status. Just to express your feelings.

“Falling in love with you was never my intention. but it became my ADDICTION.”

“Love is on the lips of many but in the hearts of few.”

“If you love something let it go,
if it comes back to you it’s your,
if it doesn’t, it never was.”

“Showing love can be a difficult thing, but sharing it can be easy.”

“We fall in love by chance,
we stay in love by choice.”

“When you care for someone more than they deserve,
you get hurt more than you deserve.”

“When someone truly cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse.”

“Sometimes words cannot explain the feeling,
but still I can find the love in your eyes.”

“I am not the best, but I promise
I will love you with all my heart.”

“My love for you is a journey,
Starting at forever and ending at never.”

“If you’re mine you’re mine, I don’t like sharing.”

“Every body loves you when you love everybody,
no one loves you if you do not love any one.”

“Love isn’t something you find…
love is something that finds you…!”

“We write our own chapters on love,
it’s up to us how we turn these pages.”

“True love never dies it only gets stronger with time.”

“If you can’t get someone out of your head,
maybe they are supposed to be there.”

“Some people care too much.
I think its called love.”

“When I miss you, I re-read our old messages and smile like an idiot.”

“There is always somebody that loves you. <3 always”

“Love is not free, the price is your heart.”

“Don’t care how hard being together is,
nothing is worse than being apart.”

“Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
Be everything to someone.”

“Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special.”

“The truth is we’re all missing someone and hoping they’re missing us too.”

“When someone really likes you, they will never hurt you..and if they do, you can see it in their eyes that it hurts them too.”

“You cannot save people, you can only love them.”

“Before I met you, I didn’t know what it was like
to look at someone and smile for no reason at all”

“The person who loves you is not the person who sees you every day,
 but the person who looks for you every day.”

“Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing,
know what you are doing and love what you are doing.”

“When someone loves you; they don’t have to say it.
you can tell by the way they treat you…”


A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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  1. Its heart touching.I love my Dol so so so much bt c doesnt. M gonna missing her in my whole life. Love u mah Dol.

    • yes absolutely yes..
      sometimes we are responsible for the breakups, our anger, our instant decisions when we are out of temper. and some of the times the things which we are not expecting from the partner..
      Thts the sad about the love..:-(

  2. I m a lesbian. Mai ek ladki se bahut love karti hu.. Wo v mujhse karti thi.. Lekin ab uski life me koi or hai.. Meri firsf love hai wo.. Apne name ke sat uska name v lagake chalti hu.do baar suicide v ki..badkismati se bach gai.. Mai usse vula nhi parahi hu

  3. love is just for attraction…when we love really we got to knw about that…we cant express love…love is awesome we cant touch it just we true like pure milk we love then only we feel about love so awesome…plz all loving guys love truely dnt tell bad abt tat..tajmahal is love memorible place…

  4. For me… Love means Life…
    Bcz in any type of relation, we only search for love, live for love… Without a little amount of love, our survival becomes a hell… Sometyms a single person is enough from whom we expect love… Salute to saibaba who created Love in dis srishti

  5. I got a breakup wid my love…he was everything for me but i still hope he’ll b bck bcz he never said me hate u jst disappeared after a 2 years bond….Ill b always loving u shona baby…plz cme back my eyes want you….if you have some one else i never object you …jst wanna see you…nd b happy always…love u rehan.

  6. I love my BF as called future hubby …. I love him like mad n I wanna be whole life wit him …. love u my shona “Arshad” …. zoov

  7. love is always true …
    its always make each other …
    always girls is not break a love ….
    sometime boys also….
    better that is we compromise not compettitve …

  8. i don’t know wht iz love bt when i m seen tgiz something doing in my heart i dont know dn wht can i do….. Love iz like a feeling

  9. hi friends iam sayeed i want to share with u my unconditional love i love some one but she dont care about me i cutoff my hand 2 times but she is ignored me i really very love her i cant explined that please frdz prayer for my love i really very loves her my heart is crying couse of she is not love with me <3

    • Sayeed bro if u knw the meaning of luv den u don’t try To cut your hand luv is not from one side its important from both side if she didn’t like u den don’t make a force upon.her it will make ur bad character front of her…….when u born u r alone u knw only ur mom and dad ur parents are important only one pair luv ur parents after u hav to luv god …….god made someone special for u
      So nw enjoy ur lyf my bro

  10. By d wy Shama sache pyar ki kavi har nehi hoti. Aap agar unse bahat pyar karti hen to just pray to God and keep patience she will b back to your life again. Wese umid kavi nehi chhodna. Q ki duniya umidon se hi chalti he. Ar ek baat pyar me suicide karna kahaki akalmandi he. Ye kaam sirf kamjor dilwale hi karte he.

  11. hey…..All of u r talking abut LOVE ..
    bt i think u all didn’t knowing the means of LOVe …….Love is not always for ur prtnr smtimes it get exhausted ……….Try to heel it not to loose ur. love ……….for.those who r mising his/her LOVe


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