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Five Things Women always Hide from Men

men and women

Women can go to any extend to make you sure that she has lot of love for you. She even tells you lot of things without any root of those. You can’t even judge about the things in which she tells you lie. So, be aware……

Life of women seems like a closed book in which many secrets are kept inside. There is no relationship between the thinking and willing of women. She hides such things from men. Actual reason behind this is that she loves those in her own personal life. You can’t give the reason of afraidness for this.

A survey is witness about hiding nature of women in which asked women – single or married“What would you hide from your boyfriend?” normally, no one wants to share her secret book, but many bold and frank women gave answers in poll which are shown as follows…

Here we going to tell about five top answers…

Mirrored Image

She might be hiding many “Ultimate Experiences” from you. Mostly women have afraid about judgment of their characters and many other women think that her current partner feel jealous or insecure if she share her “Dirty Experiences”. Every husband wants to know about his importance in his lover’s life, but women feel this feeling of man is irritating.

Unpredictable Girl-Talk

You cannot predict the root of girl-talks so easily and accurately.  Women discuss openly the interesting secrets in her room with lot of modeling. Women who accept this said that they don’t think the guy with whom they are in relation should have any link with her friend’s secrets. But the actual reason is not that. Actually, women do not want the man to keep inside their personal areas.

Make-up Kits

Many times you wonder about the prettiness of your girl. You may even wonder that how girl manages to look pretty the whole day. It is sure that you are not aware about the place where she hides all her beauty products. Women hide those because they want that you are always be curious about her prettiness and her maintenance. In today’s times, many of you are aware about the factor behind her prettiness, but she pretend that she don’t even use any beauty product.

Trivial-Lies of her ex

It is well known to you that she had a life before you and you are not the first one who came in her life like a candle to illuminate her life. So, you are curious about to know her present feelings of the past. However, women heart is ocean of feelings which you can’t decode. According to the survey, here’s a different aspect of the story! Most women don’t want to hurt her current boyfriend with her feelings about her ex. So, she may hides those from you.

Feeling Regarding his relatives

The Moment she express her feelings towards his mother and his sister that they are very good looking and open-minded, she’s trying to harass him. It’s like she put him in such kind of situations where he has to choose one from them. The race of fairer sex overtakes the mentality to express the true feelings regarding his family members or relatives. When they asked for the modified opinion then, they simply said that they don’t want be like those who cause danger to the relationship.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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