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How to deal with ex friends who are still in same class or group?

ex friends, how to deal with ex

I think it happens with a lot of people. I get it because friendship sometimes end and they don’t end well. Yet you and the other person are still friends with other people so what you do? It’s very uncomfortable. So these are the steps you should take because you don’t wanna lose your friends but you don’t wanna be anywhere near to that person.

First of all obviously, try to spend time with your friends away from the other person. They are going to see your true colors may not be tomorrow but they will come out. You are not only the one, she has done with other people, she played with you double crossed you; you are not only the one. They will find out in due time.

Say you have to be around her to be with your friends because you all going out or whatever. Whatever you do, do not change your personality, your behavior when she is around. You are with your friends and she is just acting like “ahhhhhh” and you really get subconscious. And you can tell. I mean you can tell when you feel deflated; other people can tell but don’t let them. Just hold your head high and say “hye, how you are doing” that’s it move on. Buffer yourself around as many people as possible. Never ever allow yourself to be one on one situation with your toxic friend. Always have your others friends around. Go and have take towards them away from the idiot person. And if someone she is that twisted that she has her way over you, and then move on again. If you have to go somewhere else outside for few minutes and come back and reposition yourself. And you say is this a game oh ya it is. You are trying to a wade this person and you need to. Because she always brings your blood pressure up, when she is around, you get upset. But you can’t let her because then she is won. Because that what she wants to do. Probably it’s because of insecurity, she is jealous of something about you and on and on.

So hang around with your other friends and usually groups splits off. You are out somewhere you could be on concert, you could be in a restaurant doesn’t matter you don’t have to be near her.

Now if it’s like four people going out and she is one of them then don’t go. Don’t go for at least few months and even then its gonna be problem. But by the time you not gonna be so angry or upset like OK she is coming, I will deal with it. but right now when this is just happen, when its fresh in your mind try to stay away from her for a while and after few months situations changes little bit or completely. And they really good see her for who she is by then. Also use this as an opportunity to meet new friends. You can’t be dependent on one person or one group for your whole social life. Find people that are in any group, get to know them better, expand your life. Don’t make this group your security blanket.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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