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How to deal with jealousy in your social circle?

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I get an interesting question from a reader, and he wanted to know “how he deals with social media jealousy?”or we can say How to deal with jealousy in your social circle. What I mean by that is, say your friend didn’t invite you, there is something and suddenly you see the pictures and you can’t hear about it, you felt terrible. And I get it! They are all having great time and you were not included. So you would think OKAY… you could just unfollow them or unfriend them.

Or whatever you do. But I wouldn’t do that because then clearly it shows that you are upset. I wouldn’t do that. I would act like okay! Let it be. This is not bothering me.

So what you do?, get out from there and really really expand your social network. Make new friends, go out with other people and then you share those pics. And let them feel bad. But this isn’t about revenge or getting back at them. What it’s about is changing your life. So that they are not setter of your universe.

So that you get to the point where you don’t care what they do, you don’t care they gone out without you. Because you have a new set of friends. You have other people. And you need it to do that anyway. You need to spend your social circle, Where you don’t want to be too dependent on one or two people or this certain group that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay friends with these people because you can’t…. but they are in the back burner.

Because you don’t care. You have so many other friends. And you don’t necessarily have to be really close friends. They can be your acquits, you can have fun with the friends you go to the gym with. Or you school friends or the persons you work with.  So you are not like completely  dependent on this one certain group. Because you don’t want to be dependent on anybody for anything. So follow your passions, learn something, doing something new, join a club or whatever it is.

Get out there in a healthy way. Meet new people. And now you are showing them you are actually doing yourself more good.

I hope that you like our article on How to deal with jealousy in your social circle?. If you have any suggestions then please comment. If you have any problem with the content then you can mail us at karamjeet786sandhu@gmail.com or manpreetsandhu96@gmail.com. 

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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