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How to find a perfect partner?

perfect partner, find perfect partnerUnfortunately for many people the perfect partner is how to find? And the something that replaces their day dreams into reality. But if you could make your perfect partner, what would be they like? I come up with the some ingredients that I believe makes the perfect partner.

Now according to me the key ingredient for the perfect partner is a solid sense of humor. You want them better to laugh at themselves. You don’t want someone who takes himself too seriously. When you tease each other and then one of you taking it hard. You should be comfortable with each other’s company.

No I am sorry, casually people say, looks are important, Chemistry is key in a relationship. And you must have that passion in order to keep flame alive, without it you will be a pretty much friends not lovers.

Relationship without honesty and trust isn’t a good one, yes this is the truth. The minute you don’t trust your partner, you haven’t got relationship, it really that simple. The moment you check their remorse, look at their fund, that’s it there is not trust. Trust is the key.

The perfect partner is the one, if he/she is happy going out with your friends and make sing with your workmates. You don’t have to combine your lives and have an interest in what each other do. You don’t wanna just to have someone who is happy to spend time with you. But then also spend time with that friends and not combine you both together. When they are talking about anyone like celebrity or any other, you don’t want to know who these people are; you don’t want to be strangers. This is very important in a relationship.

Now differences in opinions leads to no more healthy relationship but the art of compromise is something that has to be learn if the two of you are going to loss. If one of you wants to go out for drinks but the other one just want to stay in. and if you do what they want then next week they will do what you want. With the compromise is about give and take and you definitely needs this, if you want to survive.

Another key ingredient is loyalty. You want your partner to be by your side. If someone say something about you that is not very nice, then you want them to stand up with you. For every relationship it is very important. Another thing, you want your partner to be a good listener, you may have really bad day at work, you wanna come home and told to them about it. if they are just playing at the play station an flicking through channels on the television or constantly interrupting you. It is extremely irritating.

Spontaneity, you want your partner to keep you on your toes. Romantic weekend, going for bike riding and picnic in the park that’s what I look for, in my partner. Someone who likes to do things with you is very attractive.

Generosity, this doesn’t mean showering you with gifts, buy some expensive jewelry, shoes and cloths. Just do the little things which prove that you care. Making a cup of tea for you when you are tired. Little things like that ready to go long way.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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