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How to talk to your crush? Feeling Shy…

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One of our readers wanted to know how to talk to your crush? She is interested in a guy that works at the gym where she works out. And she is no trouble talking to him when it’s just two of them but when there are other people around she feels shy. So obviously, you always talk to him when you can find a situation when there is no one around. But that’s not a real problem here, the problem is that why are you always going up damn. He needs to see you out and find you.

And Yes! I get it, he works there and you are member. So he would have to get away from behind the desk and seek you out somewhere in the gym. I understand that but, if he is really interested in you, he will find a way. May be when you are walking up in a corridor he would catch up with you. Or you go in the spin class or out off the spin class or anywhere, I don’t know. But what I’m saying is, I just don’t think that if you continually go up to talk to him. And he knows you are interested in him. I know he knows.  Because you don’t just grab your towel and just leave, you chat with him. It’s more than just about gym stuffs, its getting to be personal. So I think that you should play little hard to get. I mean it because, you don’t know if he is just being getting polite or he treats everybody like that.

you also gonna like how to get to know your crush?

And he is just little flirtatious with everybody at the gym. Or he is really interested in you.

How you are going to find out?

By being a little tiny bit elusive. Meaning when you walk up there just grab it out, give your card or grab your towel or whatever it is and say Hi!! How are you doing? And then walk out. Don’t be rude. I am not saying that. I’m just saying you know I’m busy and just kind of move on. Think that way, he is going to be like “What’s up with her!!” and then you are going to know by you just continually  either flirting or talking to him and trying to find an excuse to spend a lot more time at the front desk. It’s getting too obvious- DON’T DO IT!! I know you want to say that this is game playing. YES. But otherwise she would never get to know. Because he is clearly not making a move, he is not just being polite talking to you. So you don’t know if you are wasting your time or feel he is really interested in you. And if he is really interested in you, I guarantee no matter what he is going to find you, he going to try to talk to you. And he is not going to lose his job.

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