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How you can get more girls messaging you?

facebook profile

How to get more girls messaging you? After they look at your facebook or any dating profile, and may be one of the most important, how to get girls to respond?

First thing I gonna talk about is pictures. I know it sounds professional but pictures really do, tell the biggest story about you. Pictures are really very important. So first thing I wanna talk about your pictures are things that you should not do, they will be profile suicide, like pictures which turns women off. Pictures with other women please don’t do it. I know, it makes us seem like we are insecure or crazy. Please don’t do it, it’s a dating site. Make your profile picture which looks likes you wanna date. I don’t want to see pictures of your neighbor or your friend, to whom you met in a club and she is hot. And for some reason you put that on your profile please don’t do it. Yeh its ok if you keep your picture with your cousin or family. Not even with your best friend because we want to see you not your friend.

Another thing I wanna tell you is that don’t post shirt less pictures. If you have a great party that’s fantastic but let’s keep it little mysterious, please. If you are talking pictures in the mirror or when you are lying on bed or you are holding your tug in the mirror, please don’t do it because mostly girls don’t gonna take this very seriously. So be touchful and tasteful.

A variety of pictures makes you seem interesting. Its really good if someone is taking your picture when you are doing something like dancing or posing.

Now let’s talk about your profile. Why someone gonna message you if your profile is negative like people make fun of you or bully you. your profile should be positive, I don’t want to feel that you don’t have the patience for messaging. So keep it fun, light, playful and positive. Your ex girlfriends, I don’t want to know that you broke up with your ex three years ago or you have a dog, I don’t really care.

Please make your profile grammatically correct as you. Example don’t write like dun type dis in ur profile lol. Just keep it nice looking which makes yourself look good.

Keep your profile as short as possible. Like “I would talk about what I like in women” “I like travelling” or anything which you are passionate about. You are funny make a joke, but please these paragraphs or these autobiography I like this or what’s your thinking just keep it short. Chances are more that most people don’t read them so there is no need to go in detail.

I hope you like my article on How you can get more girls messaging you? if you have any other idea or suggestion then please comment. Don’t forget to like and share.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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