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Is it Bad to Stare at Woman’s Breasts?

stare at breasts

Many men are in confusion that staring at woman’s breast is either good or bad because at one hand, they think that women want that men stare at her body and at other hand, they think its not morally right. Also, there are some common questions that come across the man’s mind like

  • Is it really bad to stare at woman’s breasts?
  • What do women actually think when she catches anyone staring at her breasts?
  • Is there any benefit to health while staring at woman’s cleavage?

In this article, we try to sort out such kind of problems…………Here We Go.

Actually, staring at women’s breasts is very bad habit. When someone doing this, it seems like he is so illiterate and villager.  If you are thinking that it is really a bad thing, you must keep this thinking for whole life. It is so disgusting for women when she being stare by people out of her league. Reason behind that is of age difference or some other. Even if you think that you can stare at girl’s breasts by pretending to read the girl’s tee-shirt or in some other manner, then also you are wrong. So, don’t think that you can stare in any manner from which girls have no problem.

Women love shopping. It is the common fact that is known to every man in the world. Obviously, women buy good clothes in order to look good or just look like as they want. Some women likes to wear such small clothes that are not seems out of their moral values. There can be many reasons behind this, such as they find enjoyable the way they look themselves in tiny clothes, maybe she looks good in little clothes rather than in normal getup, they may feel more hot and warm around them as compared to normal. Particularly, they don’t wear such kind of little clothes in order to get attention of every man. That’s why, she behaves rudely when anyone stare at them with unloving eyes because they don’t want such kind of things.

So, in future, whenever you want to look at girl’s breasts , just take a small look in such a sense that make her feel respect for good looking  rather than building your dirty image in her mind.

Does Women really like the stare-ness factor present in men?

Women may like this stare-ness factor of man, but they want that they should be noticed only by “cute” or “hot” men to whom they like. Other men like morons, droolers , and touchy feely men with hands in their pants,  just only embarrass the women. These types of men simply categorized as ‘perverts’.

Women like it when they stare by the men to whom they like, just because if anyone  praise for her outfits and her body-language then she obviously feel good about them, because this is the only thing that she wants from cute and hot men. Women don’t even mind when such men stare at their breasts, because they feel good about the thing that even cute men like their body as well.

From this, you should not make opinion that staring at women’s breasts sometimes be good thing because many younger girls, who just freshly come under attention of men, feel very uncomfortable about the stare-ness of men. But as they grew up in experience of such things, they come to know that it is habit of men to stare at girls even their clothes fits them well or not. So, they don’t care about men afterwards in this context and stop giving expressions of OMG whenever they come to know about such people around them.

Oh, staring at women’s breasts is very health-beneficial task!! Strange,

It is well-known fact that “There are always pros and cons of each and everything ”. So, staring at women breasts have lot of benefits along with its mischievous factors. It is proved that staring at women’s breasts with amorous intentions adds years to the man’s life. Even medical experts and New England Journal of Medicine mark their stamp over that. As per example, they both relate the stare-ness at women’s breasts with the aerobics work out……

Even many scientists and doctors also agree with the fact of addition of years in man’s life. That’s why, today, many doctors encourage men to see such movies and tv shows that focuses primarily on assets of the women. In this way, men can also fulfill their urge to look at women’s breasts without any wrong impact of that. Many opponents regarding this proof said that this proof was derived by such kind of people that want to make stare-ness become “LEGAL”.

From all the above things, whether staring at boobs is good or bad, you should not stare at the near-by or passing girls with annoying eyes. One should only explore his stare-ness attitude while watching the TV shows and movies, but not publically outside in order to pollute the environment.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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