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Top 5 reasons why do men cheat

man cheating women, why men cheat

You have always heard that wife or girls cheat men or guy. But not only wife or girls always cheat. Men or guys also cheat. According to survey done by us at colleges and some office we found that men and guys also cheat. Although, there percentage of cheating is less as compared to women and girls. So today we will discuss why this happen? Means why do men or guys cheat on their wives or girlfriends?

1. Marriage disturbance (primary reason)
Marriage disturbance is the primary reason for men cheating. Most of the men always fall in depression when their regular home fights left unsolved with their wife. Due to this reason they continue to be unhappy and mostly disturbed. So for his comfort he finds other person outside, to which he can share his problem and take some support from.

So it’s better to solve the problem at home.

2. Some men have women or girlfriend who cheats 
Men and guys also take revenge from their wife or girlfriend who cheats them. By creating a circle of multiple relationship around them. Even if their partner feels guilty on their mistake they continue their relationship outside with some tricks.

3. Men love to do sexual experiment
Sex is always and continues to be an integral part of men and guy as well. Some men prefer to spend all is remaining life with one women for many years while other not. Others prefer to do experiment with their sexual life. They want to sleep with many women. So they don’t think anything before going to an external affair or one night stand. Perhaps it make them feel more powerful than other men or guy sexually.
They give it logic as how you will feel if you have given daily all the time burger to it.

4. Emotionally dissatisfied 
Yes sometimes men or guys also emotionally dissatisfied when their wife is busy with their children or doing other work always or looking after in-laws and parents. Men get dissatisfied because their wife is not giving time.
Same problem with guys also their girlfriend is not giving time to them, busy with their college work or making project or spending time with their other friends.
So this is one of the reason why men cheat.

5. Need of men is to be needed 
Some times men feel that they are no needed by their women any more. Means they are not special for their women any more. Then they start searching for a new relationship outside, who can feel them special in their life.


A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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