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What it’s really like being the other woman

Being an another woman in someone’s life is something which is considered as wrong, which might not be wrong for the one who is in love with the man. This woman knows that the relationship will sooner or later turn up to end one or the other day, but still continues convincing herself that she loves him and this relationship means something to him as well so is continuing to be with her. Knowing all facts she is keeping herself away from the reality and has covered herself with the blanket of her own false story of life.

Sometimes it annoys, being screwed up to gather happiness and courage to accept the real facts. A person never knows that a simple friendship would turn the future and fate to this kind of tragic scenario. She knows that she would lose him some day, as he is already with his woman. She feels pity for being dreaming about his love and not worthy of spending her whole life with him.

Every girl has a hope that she would spend her beautiful life for the one whom she dreams of a better future ahead. But it was a dark story for her; she could just imagine and feel all about it. As the relationship in she was sailing had no commitments and this led to her meaningless life where she could only feel the loss of her bliss, dreams, and life.

As the time moved ahead she realized that she is being cheated by him, the day she saw his pictures with his wife the charm of her face faded and took her passionate love far away. She realized that she is being eluded by his thoughts, and then she could not stop herself holding back her grief and started being more conscious while being with him. Every time she used to meet him could see his wife in his eyes. It was too painful to bear but she still could not put off her love for him.

She was still weak and acted as if she were blind to know what she herself felt. Her emotions and feelings remained the same, she was just wondering where his love has suddenly flown away. And how can he be betraying whom she has loved more than her life. Leaving his wife was something out of the picture for her now. She could not even plead him for her selfish happiness. Being the other woman spoils you as much as it does anyone else, she realized.

She felt that she is not worthy of anything and felt that her life has been taken away by someone whom she has trusted. It was harsh to know that her man has been disloyal; she repents on the moments spent with him. She could just not understand that how can someone really play with the emotions and feelings and having played the mind games as being always with his own wife where the life is full of joy and on the other side being with another woman. Her consciences could not hold her back, she went to him to get all the answers but could barely find that all his love went away since now he can find happiness in his own life with his wife. She was consoled by her loved ones that time will heal everything but by the time she got to know that she is not being part of his life, she started accepting that time won’t make only acceptance can do. The most powerful healing for her was acceptance.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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