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Tips to Kiss a Girl Romantically

how to kiss, how to kiss a girl, girls lipsMany persons experience awkwardness while kissing a Girl, have you ever felt the same situation? Your kiss can tell that how much romantic you are, or you can express your feelings through kiss. When you kiss a girl passionately and romantically then girl reacts emotionally. With this you can see chemistry in your relationship.

So it’s time to take first step in your relationship that is kiss. If from long time there is nothing happened in your relationship then your relationship might be at end. To save your relationships go through the tips that how to kiss a girl romantically?

How to kiss a girl Romantically

No one is the perfect kisser in the world. But there are some techniques with which you can become a good kisser. If you know that what really girl wants from you then more romantically you can kiss a girl. You need some time to become a perfect romantic kisser.

  • Take your own time

Don’t think that you can catch fish immediately when you see it. You need some time to catch a fish. Kissing a girl is a slow process. Look at her sweet eyes and firstly place your lips on her and after some time try to kiss her chin, cheeks and down to neck. Give her little time to sense your feelings, gentleness and tenderness. You will come closer to each other with this.

  • Lips kiss going on

When you start kissing a girl, don’t make a mistake of putting your tongue immediately in the girl mouth. Continue your lip kiss as long as you can. It will give you a feel of love and emotional. It is a step to see that the girl really like your kiss or not.

  • Face touching

While kissing you can use your hands to hold her cheeks and slowly moves your lips kiss her eyebrow then nose tips and then cheeks and chin. With this you can create romantic atmosphere.

  • Don’t get Distracted

When you are kissing a girl always ensure that any distraction leads to poor outcome. While kissing your concentration must be on kiss.

  • Aggressive

During the kissing course usually man takes the lead. Most of the girls lead to highly sensual situation, if the man is highly aggressive and more demanding.

  • Movement of hand

hand movements, man kissing his love

While kissing a girl, you can hold her hands from the back. And use your fingers to comb her hairs. Movements of your hands express your romance and how passionate you are.

  • Your wet lips

wet lips, wet lips of a girl

You will look more attractive with your wet lips. Your wet kiss will help you to lubricate your lip movement while kissing a girl.

  • Romantic Atmosphere

The atmosphere like dim light or room lighted with candles give the girl more confidence and encouragement to show her passion and romance.

  • Don’t Hurt

Both of you will always enjoy the pleasurable movement of kiss if your kiss is gentle. Gentle kissing is always romantic.

  • Kiss space

Generally men are more aggressive in nature as compared to the girls. But during kissing it’s better to give lead to the girl, so she may kiss you aggressively.

We hope that the above given points will helps you to learn how to kiss a girl romantically. Understanding the kissing style of each other is a key factor. In our opinion if you understand the above points well, your kissing style will attract the girls.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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