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Love dead but Peter alive

This is a real one sided love Story of Peter and the name of the character was changed due to some reasons.

So let’s begin the story, this story belongs to that time when the boy named Peter has just taken admission in 11 class. After passing his previous class he was very happy and so excited to meet his new friends, teachers and wanted to read new subjects.When he joined his first class he saw a beautiful girl named Marry. But he controlled his feelings and started concentrating on his studies and scored good marks in his 11 class. Then he entered 12 class and he still controlled himself. He used to study day and night to forget marry but it was difficult for him, he used to study and listen to sad songs whole night. But the girl was invaded his thought on his mind always he was afraid that he may fail in his life if he did not concentrate on studies.

Yes his studies was affected the boy had just passed in the main subject of that stream and got minimum marks. He was living like a dead body (who is taking oxygen for his family members).  Then a time came when he talked to Marry first time. He was very excited. The talk was “Hello, how are you?  Has the teacher come to school today”? Peter said “yes” and Marry said “ok”. This was their first talk and the boy had given party to his all friends for this only. But at the same moment he started studying to forget Marry and he succeed he has almost forget Marry. The farewell time was near and all was excited and both Peter and Marry were exited too. At the farewell time he came very earlier to meet his old friends. The farewell began. He was in search of Marry. Marry came late but looked beautiful almost like an angel had came to the earth with open hair’s and superb dressing sense. After farewell all were doing photography and the Peter called Marry to do photography with him. 3 to 5 images were taken. At all the images both were standing together. It includes one single image and other group images. Peter went home and put his image with Marry on social media site and got 180+ (approx 200 comments and 2 + shares). Peter also met some friends who told to taught them in exams (Peter also taught them in 11 final exams) their friends use to come to pick up Peter in morning and use to left him back in evening after teaching them. Soon the exams came. At the last day of the exam Peter saw Marry last time and was at the end to forget Marry.

The days passed after some time the result came and Peter has started his college life. He was living very happy and enjoying his college life. His three friends to which Peter taught has also joined the same college in college, life also Peter use to taught them. After one year one day his friends asked about Marry to Peter. All his hard work to forget Marry went to vain. But he controlled. But his friends were too bad they started and talking about Marry then Peter said his past feelings regarding Marry. Peter’s friend started playing with her feelings they told that Marry was also in love with her (said by Marry they told). Peter believe them because they use to talk to Marry daily, they also told that they will not tell to anyone about this, but they told to all they have broken the trust of Peter. And also told that go and talk to Marry about this.

Now the Peter was having Marry number and started talking to Marry on whatsapp. But don’t want to tell to Marry about his past feelings, but their friends told to do so but he has not done yet. The Marry came to tuition to which Peter was going. Peter saw Marry after a long time of 1.5 years almost, but he has not talked to Marry. When Marry was absent in tuition he use to message her and ask that is she is fine (because he was absent in tuition). Peter use to go to tuition and see Marry for once and started studying. One day Marry left tuition, Peter asked “you were absent in tuition is everything is fine”. Marry replied “yes” and told that she will not come to tuition again. Then Peter asked Marry that he want to tell her one thing if she don’t mind and also said that it will not affect our friendship and said “I like you” Marry said “are you out of mind” and told it will affect our friend ship and blocked Peter from whatsapp. Peter asked sorry also and also told that he will change himself, but Marry has blocked her and everything is finished from Peter life his heart was broken and his friendship was also broken now the Peter don’t use to talk to his three friends daily, he only use to do hello and nothing else.

Please give your views that Marry should give Peter a chance to change himself or not. If not then their friendship should be affected by this matter or not your suggestion are valuable hope it can change Peter life or Marry mind.

I am sorry for any type of mistake done by me while writing this story.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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  1. Hi i love you my sweet kaddu veeru i can’t live without you u r my true love m really very serious for you and congratulations for u r new happy married life with u r lucky wife ……. your true love ritu

    • Dear ritu i appreciate your love…
      dont mine But tume ab use bhul jana chahiye agr uski sadi ho gai h to tume ab uski life ko disturb nahi krna chahiye agr tum use saccha pyar karti ho to iski vajah se khamakha tin loko ki zindgi barbad ho sakti h…pyar sirf pane k liye hi nahi kiya jata pyar k liye kurbani de use hi sacha pyar kehte h sirf uske dil m tumare liye jgah honi chahiye life m nai hogi to pyar ko kuch fark nai padne vala pls dont mine ones again and think about it very deeply…i hope u understand…


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