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Things that a Guy notice about Girl’s in 10 mins!!!

Guy noticing girl

If you are thinking of going to a date with a guy, its good but you must remember some of the points that he will definitely notice about you. Even the kind of drink you choose or how much you are exposing your curves, can make a huge difference in your date. So today i am going to tell you what a guy notice about girls in a dateAccording to survey, there are few things that guys notice in just 10 minutes in a date. So here we go. 

Your dress up: That is the first thing that your guy will note in a 1st minute. He will also judge you from your dress. Either you are girly girl or tom boy, it will be reveal by your way of dress up.  And most of the guy will decide this either to take a move or to step back, by your dressing sense. 

The way you smile: Your way of smiling can also say about your nature and personality. Make sure when you are going to meet the guy on your first date then don’t come in front of that people who eager you to please him, because he  will laugh at you and your face will become dull and serious. And don’t go at the same time in front of your dating guy with the dull and serious face. Remember your smile is also noticed on date.

Drink you take: Your drink is also the one of the best way to figure you out. Your drink choice also tells that what kind of person you are. Like if you are women whose age is between 20-25 and you are having rum or coke. It may be seems that you are not having an adventures life.

Be careful about your cleavage: He will definitely check your cleavage. So always be aware that what you are showing in front. You must have a buttoned up shirt because it gives a conservation look.  While if you are showing too much may make you an easy girl. So be careful what you are showing.

Your way of talking: Don’t try to show fake interest in that field where you are not having. For example if the guy is talking to you about cricket and you are not having interest on that game or not having any clue about that. Just tell him straight away that you are not having interest in this field.

Your hair style: Your hair style is also going to leave an impression about you. So must consider about your hair style. Simple and plane hairstyle is also the best one. You can straight your hair. I have seen many girls with straight hairs and they look much pretty and sexy than other having different styles.

Your situation:  No need to look like a doll if you are at any coffee or tea shop, and no need to show in party that you don’t have time to wash your face, because guy is going to notice these things about you.

How you clean it: Here we are talking or considering about your skin. We guys notice things like tan and unwashed face not the things like blemish. It’s ok that you are not doing make-up, but always be ensure that you look clean and fresh. 

How you hold yourself: Your way of moving, sitting, standing tells a lot of things about you. Moving too much in your seat may seem that you are nervous. While sitting little far may seems you are stressed. So be relaxed and calm and try to behave like you behave in your normal life.

I hope you like our article on Things that a Guy notice about Girl’s in 10 mins!!!. If you have any other suggestions then leave comment below.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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