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Do Women or Girls like shy guys? Let’s see

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Do you think Girls like shy guys? Or the girls love bad boys? So let’s find what they want and what they like.  Generally girls look confusing all the time, but it may be because of good or bad reason. Probably it may be of good reason 😛  

Do you think that the girl like the boy with the tag like “I’M THE GUY THAT YOUR MOMMA WARNED YOU ABOUT”?

Seems to be irresistible no? The generation is fully changed in the last few years. Now in these days girls hardly listen to their moms, once in a day. And these types of girls easily get attracted to bad guys, not fully but few girls :P.

That’s a dangerous man lured by attractive about nothing. It is like the first cigarette of life, or the first time a girl bunked her class to go to long drive with a guy.

It’s Groovy and it’s not such a big deal, unless removed for some time. And the guy also faces that. Guys have to protect their self from their moms. They have to play their role too. Means their friends circle should be good and few, no cigarette, no bottles of wine or beer and no fighting outside.

Now you tell me guys how many of you can do this and still can become bad boys? And how many girls could like this kind of boys? (Five girls like one guy :P  not possible)

Answer: Bad boys can’t survive. So good boy is the last and better option.

Girls could overlook my shy behavior?


Yes many girls overlook this behavior of a guy. Most of the men these days are shy. Most of the guy want that their girl friend must be hot with best assets like no one has seen or ever imagine. I am right? If yes then what you will do if you see your dream girl? Girls like shy guys. But if your shying behavior is coming between you, this is not a good thing.

I know that Girls are difficult to understand and they are mysterious. But let me tell you, they are not telepathic or psychic. Girls can’t read your mind, however until your face goes pink or red, they will not take a first step or any move. It is a different situation if you are so cute like me and she had deep crush on you and your eyes met each other (eye contact) and your history of love is written again :P  .

So be brave and grow up your guts and make the first move. You may have a chance to hook up if you move first. But if you are not going to do this, just going to sit on the table in the corner of the class and looking at her then give up and get out. The girl will not even notice you.

Answer: So shy on your first date is acceptable. But shy on second date is a Flush.

Girls are difficult to understand if yes then why?

Guys who think that this is a fact, are wrong or they may be joking. If you aren’t being able to get mix up with women then there is something wrong with you. Or maybe that’s why most of the people say that Men are from Mars and the women are from Venus. Women are not that much difficult to understand. They pretend to do so because they love to make their guy feel jealous. Women are mostly possessive in nature.

So in reality you like women or girl because they are complicated and mysterious (up to you).

Answer: causes are different according to different mind.

Women and girls are not difficult to understand. What you want from them, they also want the same thing from you. So stop thinking about this matter and go and enjoy your life.

So go and make a move or first step. If you are a guy with a golden and good heart, then you will get a good girl.

A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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