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What Guys notice on a first Date!!


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If you spend lot of time in front of mirror to look great on your date, then here are some tips which will help you to score more point in front of your guy. So here are some important four things that guy always uses to notice on date (According to survey).

Have you ever notice that, many people said men and women think almost same when they are going to dress up for a date.

But the truth is they not. Men and women think different. They have different idea on dressing and impressing up on date. They both think totally different from each other (90 out of 100 men think different).

So here are some important four things that guy always notice on his date.

1. The first thing is your assets

Either it is your first date or not, it does not matter. Your guy will always try to look at your super sexy boob and your sexy back for few times when you are not looking at him. Even every guy that you are dating or going to date will check you for this point and some other point also while dating. So be prepared 😛 .

2. The second thing is your skin

Flashing of your skin. Most of the guy on date will notice that how much skin you are flashing. But don’t be serious of the equation that more skin flashing will grab more attention. This equation does not work always. Some of the guys can become uncomfortable sweat also with this equation.

Many guy like there women in traditional dress also.

3. The third thing is your cute habits

Guy always notices your cute habits on the date (cute habit according to guy point of view). Is your smile is cute or your way of tucking your hair behind the ear? Or something else it is? Guys like that. This is only the thing that a guy takes back from the date as a memory.

I have taken her way of tucking her hair behind the ear.

4. The forth thing is your smell

The guy may not know many exotic labels of yours. But the nose of a guy can always recognize a smell of good fragrance. Women fragrances are intoxicating. And men can always recognize his women fragrance. Men can smell it while whispering near your ears or while sitting near you.

So whenever you are in a problem of impressing your guy on date, then you must remember these four points. We assure you, your guy will fall in love with you.


A Blogger, speaker, and Chef! Vanya has done MBA from London Business School. Working in the Corporate industry since 2017. Vanya love to travel and try new cuisine.

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